Ordering information

Studying and using the information encoded in the electro-photonic glow can greatly benefit the entire humanity.

For this reason we offer you free technical, practical and research assistance so you can compose and place your GDV equipment order either with us or directly with Prof Korotkov.

Dr Tom Chalko cooperates with Prof Korotkov since 1996 and his research results are published in prof Korotkov's books.

Dr Chalko is also a General Representative of prof Korotkov, authorized to distribute GDV equipment, address GDV inquiries and provide GDV training.

Every GDV equipment request directed to us is individually discussed with Prof Korotkov if necessary, to ensure the most competent service possible.

We are authorized by the IUMAB (International Union for Medical and Applied Bioelectrography) to teach GDV and bioelectrography.

Since we used every generation of GDV instruments and software, and keep up with the leading edge research, we can help you to choose devices and options that will best satisfy your present and future needs. We can also arrange GDV system demonstration and User on-site training.

Please contact us outlining your needs and reasons for your interest in GDV technology.

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