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GDV Pro - system specification
The GDV Pro camera complex of Korotkov consists of hardware and software for the direct computer recording processing and interpretation of GDV images. GDV pictures are created using unique patented optical system and CCD camera in daylight conditions with real-time processing. The camera is portable, can be battery operated and is safe for both the patient and the operator.

The GDV Software offers advanced features and yet it is easy to use. It has a friendly state-of-the-art graphic interface and is supplied with manuals and help.

Real time recording of a GDV-gram can be performed as a photo-style snapshot, in a form of a GDV movie or as timed series of images.

Korotkov offers 1 year international guarantee on all parts and labor from date of purchase and 30 days money back guarantee.

The GDV Camera Pro system includes:
- GDV Camera Pro
- Test-object for system calibration and reproducibility tests
- GDV triggering system (Serial port, USB or PS2 interfaces available, please consult us to order the
   interface optimal for your application), USB and GDV cables

Software: (Windows required):
- GDV Capture - interactive capturing of Kirlian (GDV) images.
- GDV Energy Field (Aura) - processing & interpretation of Kirlian Aura images of 10 human fingertips.
- GDV Diagram - comparative performance analysis of systems and organs of the human body on the basis of GDV images of 10 fingertips.

GDV Scientific Laboratory - set of GDV processing and interpretation tools.
- User’s Manual, documentation, USB drivers and utilities.
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