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GDV publications

K. Korotkov. “Aura and Consciousness: New stage of scientific understanding”
Ideas, experiments, concepts on GDV, Consciousness, Healing, Structured Water, New approaches in Biophysics (in English). 1999, Second Revised Edition. St. Petersburg division of Russian Ministry of Culture, State Publishing Unit “Kultura”. 302p. 76 charts, 16 col. ill., bibl.
K.Korotkov. “Light After Life”. , 1998 NY. 216p. 15 ill., 30 charts, bibl., index, Backbone Publishing Company (In English) Experiments and ideas on after-death changes of Kirlian pictures.

T.J.Chalko. "Is Chance or Choice the essence of Nature?", NU Journal of Discovery, 2001. An insight into Physics of Consciousness in light of recent advances in quantum computing and GDV research. PDF version, HTML version

K.Korotkov "Human Energy Field: study with GDV bioelectrography"
2002 Backbone Publishing Company, NJ, USA. 360 pp (in English). The book dedicated to the presentation of the scientific foundations and practical applications of the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique. Among many others, the following topics are discussed:
- Medical applications
- Altered states of consciousness induced by meditation and intense concentration
- Training and improving performance of healers, psychics, and athletes
- Recent studies on telepathy
- Measurements on direct vision phenomena to help blind children see
- Material testing of charged water, blood, and gems.


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