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GDV Mini-Laboratory

The "GDV Mini-Laboratory" is a set of devices complimentary to the GDV Camera designed for testing water, blood samples, liquids, seeds, plants, stones, and much more.

User manual describes methodology for recording and comparative analysis of GDV images of various objects. The Mini-Lab includes special GDV software: GDV-Scientific-Laboratory that can be used to develop custom processing of electro-photonic GDV images for research purposes.

Material testing kit comprises

1. User manual and warranty
2. "GDV Compare" software
3. Key #7 – 1 pc;
4. Screwdriver – 1 pc;
5. Syringe – 3 pcs;
6. Device for taking GDV-grams of big objects;
7. Plug for GDV lens cover – 1 pc;
8. Metal holder for glass cans – 1 pc;
9. Isolation plate for big flat subjects – 1 pc;
10. GDV lens cover – 1 pc;
11. Calibration glass – 1 pc;
12. Glass with an opening – 3 pcs;
13. Syringe holder – 1 pc;
14. Syringe holder cover – 1 pc;
15. Small glass can – 3 pcs;
16. Electrodes – 3 kinds;


Note: actual packaging may be different than pictured above

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