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GDV Training Certificate

This GDV training program is designed to assist GDV practitioners or potential GDV practitioners in becoming familiar with various aspects of GDV technology and achieving the basic level of competence in assessing human state using GDV image interpretation.


Dr Tom Chalko, PhD.

Dr Chalko has more than 25 years academic and teaching experience and is authorised by the International Union for Applied and Medical Bioelectrography (UIMAB) to teach all aspects of the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) methodology.


  • Principles of Gas Discharge Visualization
  • Installing GDV hardware and software
  • Calibration and reproducibility tests
  • Principles of observing the human state
  • Recording electro-photonic GDV images
  • Using GDV software
  • Limitations of GDV system
  • Range of applications of GDV system
  • Discussion of diagnostic examples



Number of participants

Training is individual in principle. Small groups of 2-3 people will be accepted when they apply together.


Training is conducted in peaceful surroundings of Mt Best, Australia with breathtaking views at the Pacific Ocean, and the local State Forest.

If time and weather permit, bushwalking and sightseeing tours will be conducted.

Time, cost and duration

All negotiable on application.

Please specify your educational background and reasons for your interest in GDV technology so that we can tailor the training to your particular needs.

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