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GDV instrumentation price list in Euro
Supplied by Dr. KOROTKOV co. PL 88 53101 Lappeenranta, Finland

GDV Pro Camera Hardware: "GDV Pro Camera" instrument, cables, test-subject, reference electrode.
: GDV software : GDV Capture, GDV E-Field, GDV Diagram, USB security lock .


GDV Compact Hardware: "GDV Compact" instrument, cables, test-subject, reference electrode.
: as for GDV Pro


GDV Mini-Laboratory Hardware: Set of devices and accessories for testing liquids and materials and GDV Software : GDV Scientific Laboratory.
GDV Software 2010

GDV Capture, GDV Energy Field, GDV Diagram, GDV Chakra, GDV Screening, GDV Qualification, GDV PsychoDiagnostic, GDV Atlas, GDV Viewer, GDV Scientific Laboratory.USB security lock.

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