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GDV Diagram program.

GDV-Diagram is designed to assist medical practitioners in interpretation of electro-photonic (kirlian) glow recorded with GDV-capture program.

A polar graph (see picture below) is used to display an "executive summary" of human state/health. All major organs/systems are shown on the same graph for easy comparison.

GDV-Diagram normalizes the captured data so that health of any individual can be compared to health of thousands of people in the same age group.


For example, the light-green zone on the graph below indicates a state for healthy individuals in Russia, including Olympic champions.

Several graphs can be compared on the same page, which is useful in estimating/visualizing effectiveness of various treatments and therapies, or visualizing progress of any therapy.

The printed output of GDV-Diagram contains sufficiently detailed information about human state to be used for medical record-keeping by medical practitioners.

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