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Group of companies of “Biotechprogress” and “Kirlionics Technologies International”

Invites you to take part in the

International scientific and practical Conference “GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects.”

Russia, St. Petersburg, May 14 – 18, 2017

We continue our meetings with interesting people at the annual international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the GDV method.

The conference’s aim is to get together all the people who are interested in GDV method. Scientists

from different countries are going to represent their reports regarding usage and development of GDV method.

However for the first time during the lifetime of existence of GDV method, the conference will be held on board of the comfortable cruise ship ST Peter Line “Princess Anastasia”. We will travel through the Baltic countries: Russia (St. Petersburg) – Finland (Helsinki) – Estonia (Tallinn) – Sweden (Stockholm) – Russia (St. Petersburg).

Apart from participation in the informative and filled with scientific discoveries event you will be able to visit the capitals of the three Baltic countries, to visit exciting tours, gain new experiences for the next year and, of course, to visit beautiful St. Petersburg.

During the conference you will be able to take part in the round-table activities, scientific and practical seminars.



Main topics of the conference:

  • GDV in Sport
  • GDV in Medicine
  • GDV in Psychology
  • GDV in Alternative Medicine
  • GDV in the environmental studies
  • New GDV methodologies, software programs and devices.

Languages of the conference: English, Russian

The proceedings of the Conference (book) and CD with articles will be published before the beginning of the Congress. The proceedings are accepted in the volume of 1 page, volume of articles requires not more than 10 pages.

The cost of participation in the conference starts from 470 Euro for the participants of the Conference and from 370 Euro for the participant’s companion.

Additional information regarding Conference, please contact:

“Biotechprogress” LLC 190121, Drovyanoy pereulok 22, St. Petersburg, Russia.

tel/fax: +7 (812) 380-20-02; +7 911 132-78-65

e-mail: (subject “Conference 2017”)

web site:

Contact person: Yusubova Tatiana

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