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GDV compact - system specification

In principle, specifications of this camera are similar to GDV Pro, with following differences:

  • GDV compact device has smaller window (40 mm diameter) and its application is limited to recording images of human fingertips. It is not suitable for studying other objects
  • GDV compact device is not compatible with GDV+ , Accu-Scanner and other add-on devices currently in development
  • GDV compact device is battery operated and needs to be re-charged after @3 hours of use
The GDV compact system includes:

- GDV compact
- Test-object for system calibration and reproducibility tests
- USB cable
- battery charg

Software: (Windows 2k/XP required):
- GDV Capture - interactive capturing of Kirlian (GDV) images.
- GDV Energy Field (Aura) - processing & interpretation of Kirlian Aura images of 10 human fingertips.
- GDV Diagram - comparative performance analysis of systems and organs of the human body on the basis of GDV images of 10 fingertips.

GDV Scientific Laboratory - set of GDV processing and interpretation tools.
- User’s Manual, documentation, USB drivers and utilities.

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