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GDV Aura program.

GDV-Aura program is used to interpret the stimulated electro-photonic glow around human fingertips.

Clinical tests performed in Russia and other countries over many decades by generations of researchers confirmed that the glow in certain sectors around human fingers correlates with performance of particular organs and systems of the human body.

In essence, GDV-Aura program is a computer chart that displays this correlation. By pointing the mouse on any section of the glow (aura) we can see what organs/systems correspond to this section.


While the location of a pattern determines the location/organ/system within the body, the shape of the pattern itself (a gap, outburst etc..) helps to determine the nature of the problem (weakness, inflammation, infection, etc...).

GDV-Aura enables to determine the degree of harmony in functioning of internal organs and systems and enables medical practitioners to spot the weakest aspects of the human body/mind system within seconds.

Electro-photonic glow is always blue-violet. It has a color of an electric spark, much like in our logo above. GDV-Aura software uses several colorization techiques to assist in image interpretation and diagnostics. All colorization algorithms used by GDV-Aura are based on the intensity distribution in the recorded light.

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