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GDV Acu Scanner

This device is designed for the GDV scanning and observing the glow in particular areas of the body such as, acupuncture points, toes, ears, etc.

The GDV Acu Scanner offers a unique opportunity to observe and record induced fluorescence of acupuncture points and other areas of the skin.

While scanning along the body you can see a live picture of a glow on the computer screen, which you can capture and process in the GDV software.

The GDV Acu Scaner system includes:

- GDV Acu-Scanner instrument
- Reference electrode for calibration and
   reproducibility tests
- GDV and USB cables

(at least 400 MHz CPU, 64 MB RAM, 100 MB free HD, Windows 95/98/2k required):
- USB drivers and utilities.

User’s Manual, documentation



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